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Specializing in the marketing of porks and  products meat of the Iberian and the white pork

Our company

Although it is a new company, we have extensive experience of over 35 years in the porcine and agri-food sector, as part of the management team of Navidul, also Top 50 of Campofrio Food Group, of the direction of business of Iberian and address of farm swine, Member of the Lonja of Extremadura in the tables of living and of cutting during more than one decade, as well as exercising the Vice-Presidency in both tables during the last 8 years, among others.

We have with a wide portfolio of clients yand work with the larger and more important companies of the sector, having experience in the opening of new markets; start-up of new factories; Organization of processes and plant flows; manufacture of maquila products; Design, construction and remodeling of plants; Supply and sale of white and Iberian raw material; Management of acorn Iberian pork : Genetic selection, Follow-up of piglets until fattening in Montanera and its later commercialization, As well as the selection of farms for montanera; Control of killings and scandals; Management of purchases and sales of curing, both white and Iberian.
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